Preloader image LUMA

Nostalgia in Neon

Designed by Rebecca Neal

Each year, the LUMA logo evolves as a new team takes over from the last. Each must adapt to a concept or underlying theme that will be present throughout the festival. This year, LUMA pays homage to the vast number of influential films and television programmes using retro 80s design, recognising their ability to harness the power of nostalgia to make their mark here and now. Two logos were created in order to reflect the progression of the festival as well as the thematic focus.

Conceptual Logo

Our conceptual logo is our main logo, inspired by the familiar scenes and accompanying textures bridging projects from across decades. Bright, neon colours and the dimly lit backdrop of a brick wall cast our minds to stylish, urban alleyways of much loved classics, whether they be old or modern.

Not only is the logo a reflection of the theme, it’s a representation of the festival itself. The glowing text and shapes represent the exposure of work from within and beyond the department bringing the festival into the limelight.