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Gala Awards Ceremony 2015

The films shown at the Gala Screenings will be eligible to win two awards, the Orillo Pick Award, which will be chosen by our Festival Sponsors, Orillo Productions, and the LUMA Film Festival Audience Choice Award, which will be voted for by you, the Gala Screening attendees. This award is an opportunity to support your favourite film from the weekend. The winners will be announced at the closing of the festival, on Sunday evening.

Shortlisted Films

Saturday Gala

Carbon Copy


The Colours and the Kids

Flower Power

The Tooth Hurts

The El Diabolo

Room on the 1st floor


Each Our Own Devil

Sunday Gala

Fairweather’s Friends

The Unveiling

When the Dust Settles

Our Ghosts

And then I saw her face

The Technician

Second Pillow

Day of Atonement